Grandma's Advice

Grandma’s Advice

Read advice on easing the pain, home-made soap, blood pressure and many more.
Grandma’s Advice
Home-made soap
To ease the pain Cabbage leaves can be applied to twisted ankles and other minor injuries to ease the pain if ice is not available. For stomach pain Soak a towel in vinegar and apply it to your stomach. Home-made soap Soap that is good for skin and hair can be made at home using pork fat, lye, and mint leaves (or other ingredients for scent). Use 5-6 kilos of fat, a handful of wild mint, and one bag of lye. Boil all ingredients together, and the top layer can be cut into soap after cooling. For better bacon To make pigs fatter for better bacon, feed them corn every day. For blood pressure, heart disease, and stomach problems Tea can be made out of wild herbs: chicory, mint, and thyme collected by Evelyn Appleby

  • Grandma’s Advice
    Grandma’s Advice
Evelyn Appleby
Evelyn is from Willard, Missouri and she studied at Missouri State University.
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